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The first ceremonial was held in the Philippines in 1912 by Nile Temple thru the Bamboo Shrine Oasis.

 Since then three Shrine Temples, Nile, Afifi and Islam Temples came to Philippines to conduct ceremonials alternately, briefly interrupted only during the war.


In the 1930’s a group of Filipino and American Nobles led by then MW Manuel L. Quezon applied for the formation of a Philippine temple. Unfortunately, they did not succeed.


In 1982, the Aloha Temple was granted permission to operate in the Visayas and Mindanao. The Luzon shriners operated under the Philippine Shrine Association (PSA) with different Oasis under it. In the Visayas and Mindanao they formed the Filipinas Shrine Club.


In 1999, Aloha Temple was granted by the Imperial Council exclusive right over the Philippines and the whole Pacific Rim.

Luzon Shrine Club (LSC) and the Mindanao Shrine Club (MSC) were the only club given charter by Aloha Temple


On December 19, 2008 Luzon Shrine Club and Philippine National Shrine Club proposed to unite.  The United Shrine Group (USG) was formed and a memorandum of agreement was signed by both group at the GLP.

The application for  Dispensation was sponsored by Luzon Shrine Club to create Mabuhay Shrine Temple.


On July 07, 2009 delegates of Nobles headed by Noble Ambassador Jose M. Rosales, personal representative of ILL. Potentate Pablo C. Ko Jr, with Noble Victor Ace Tan Espejo, then Recorder, went to San Antonio, Texas, USA to attend the 135th Imperial Council Session.  They presented and defended the Philippine’s request and aspiration to have our own temple.  They succeeded and a Dispensation was granted.


By July 07, 2010 during the 136th Imperial Council Session in Toronto, Canada, Mabuhay Shriners, U.D. was historically granted its charter as the 193rd Temple or Shrine Center of Shriners International.

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